Dr. Morgan Poor, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of San Diego

Dr. Morgan Poor

We all have that one friend whose social media account is full of food photos.  Before you scoff, it turns out there’s some great research on the positive effects of this.  For today’s post, we get a special treat: an interview with Dr. Morgan Poor, who sat down with us to talk about her newly-published research on how taking photos of our food can help us enjoy it more.

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You’ll learn:

Taking photo of food

Taking photos of food increases helps people enjoy their food more

  • How taking photographs can increase enjoyment: it’s the pause that we take to savor the food that is key
  • How this enjoyment effect happens with “indulgent” food, but not healthy food, unless a health message is made salient
  • How food marketers can apply this research
  • How you can apply this research in your own life
  • Morgan’s and my ideas for follow-up research and field experiments that companies in this space could run with…

Morgan and I discuss her paper, “How consumer-generated images shape important consumption outcomes in the food domain,” which she co-authored with Sean Coary. 

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