Why Behavioral Economics

Creating and Selling Products that People Love Can Be Challenging

If you’re a product manager, or marketer, or entrepreneur, your job is to create a product that people love. This work is often difficult. Sometimes you might feel like you’re throwing darts on a wall, or you’re stuck in a series of trial-and-error efforts. We understand this challenge, and we believe in the fact that the best products are created through a deep understanding of its users.


The Behavioral Shortcut

Behavioral economics is the science of why people do what they do. It’s the study of what truly motivates us, and how to drive behavior change. As it turns out, people are not the perfectly rational creatures that traditional economic theory makes us out to be. We are influenced by numerous biases, our emotional states, and our overall environment much more than we might like to believe.


Why Behaviorly

Today, more and more companies and organizations, from Google & Facebook to The World Bank, are turning toward behavioral economics to help solve their challenges. While many of these companies are hiring full-time behavioral economists in-house, Behaviorly offers a cost-effective and flexible solution with the same benefit. Having been a product manager and marketer herself, Evelyn relates to your needs and your position. She is passionate about helping you take insights from academia to make you even more effective because she has been in your shoes.

Our Approach

By understanding the science behind human behavior, Behaviorly helps companies design their product, services, websites, pricing, and marketing strategy to drive maximum results.

We understand how people really think

We take a data-driven approach

We believe in making small changes that drive big results

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Evelyn Gosnell

20140929-2V0A8992-2Evelyn is a consultant and speaker in behavioral economics and consumer psychology. She is an expert in helping companies extract insights from the latest and greatest research to create winning products and services. Evelyn’s work spans across a broad array of industries, including health & wellness, FinTech, insurance, online dating, and non-profits. Evelyn was mentored by Dan Ariely and frequently collaborates with his consulting firm, Irrational Labs. She has also worked with behavioral economists at Duke, Cornell, UCSD, and UVA.

Starting her career in high-end cosmetics, Evelyn worked in product management at Christian Dior Parfums and Guerlain in Paris. She later shifted to the apparel industry, working in both athletic and promotional apparel in leadership roles in marketing and sales. Evelyn holds a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Duke University and graduated summa cum laude. She also completed a Master’s degree in Marketing from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in France. She speaks fluent French and Russian.

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