Product Videos

See examples of how the behavioral lens can be applied to products & services in these short videos created by Evelyn:


How Fitbit uses incentives, commitment, and a strong social element in its overall model:

How the use of emotion, the Path of Least Resistance, defaults, friction, and nudges come into play in Fitbit’s user flow:


Dollar A Day

How does a charity use behavioral economics to drive donations? How could it increase them? In this video, we review Dollar A Day’s overall model and discuss the power of small commitments, the pain of paying, the endowment effect, and social proof:


Here’s an analysis of Dollar A Day’s user flow. We discuss emotion, negative social proof, concreteness, and friction.





How does a debit card maximize addictive behavior through incentive design?

In this video, we review Treats’ user flow and discuss the ways in which it makes the user experience fun, the prompts it includes in its process, as well as some potential suggestions for additional features